Being in the Depository & Settlement World…

I recently resigned  from the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation Limited. Yes, that name as you just read it might take some time to be understood, so why not give you a simple explanation on it before we begin..
CDSC is a registered company here in Kenya that deals with the safe and secure management of shares, bond units and maybe many other things that we will talk about as we continue…Did I just commit myself?


I worked there for more than 2 years and as I was walking out, I realised that as many of our parents generation know about it, our own generation of high-tech, easy dizzy,  fast to learn guys know not of the Kenyan Capital Markets and how it works.
Learning should be a process and so I believe it took me more than 2 years to learn just the basics in the Securities Market that might lay a foundation for this site. Ill be explaining on certain procedures, about stockbrokers, how to invest, on corporate actions, maybe even do a livestream of the NSE Price list and much much more.


Well, mine is simple and so is the contents of this site. If the young generation can embrace the Stock and Bonds Markets as it grows, I believe then middle class nightmares as per says might just be one of the ways out!
Have a good read  everyone.

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6 thoughts on “Being in the Depository & Settlement World…

  1. This is awesome,I got this call from my bank a week ago trying to enlighten me on how to invest in shares and so on,but then I thought how nice if would have been if only I knew about such markets and businesses…As I choose to be an ardent reader of your posts my personal motivation will be to learn first then whatever makes sense will follow…cheers


    1. Is it you who wrote that article? I wouldnt mind..actually ill keep you in the loop on much of whats happening.. keep checking my posts. ..they could be of much help to start with….


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